What Are The Benefits Of Composite Bonding?

What Are The Benefits Of Composite Bonding?

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Why Composite Bonding Will Make You Smile

Composite bonding is not a new treatment in cosmetic dentistry yet it is growing exponentially in popularity. If you haven’t heard about it up to now, you’re likely to in the near future. The growth in composite bonding treatment plans has been particularly noticeable at our Cardiff clinic. In as little as an hour, your smile can be transformed – that’s why the procedure has become so desirable amongst those seeking the perfect smile.

The Lowdown on Composite Bonding

Let’s fill you in on what exactly composite bonding is. The function of this procedure is to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. That is worth noting as it’s not a treatment for any particular dental issue – it is purely cosmetic, that’s why it is sometimes referred to as ‘cosmetic bonding’.

Bonding makes use of special composite material to smooth and patch over imperfections in your teeth such as; chips, gaps and rough edges. It can also benefit you by strengthening chipped and worn out teeth.

If your dentist is skilled enough, they will be able to use the composite material to mould around your current teeth into a whole new, more desirable shape. Sometimes the change only needs to be minor to make a massive impact on your smile. In other cases, the whole tooth needs to be covered over – this is known as a ‘composite veneer’.

What Happens During Your Composite Bonding Treatment?

We’ve covered just how versatile composite bonding is. Another key reason for its popularity is the straightforward and impressively fast speed in which the treatment can be completed. Due to the relative ease of composite bonding, a skilled dentist can complete treatment in as little as an hour. Of course, this does depend on how much work you need – a full set of composite veneers is going to take much longer than a simple smoothing over of a chipped tooth!

Fearful of needles? Not to worry – in most cases there is no anaesthetic even needed. The composite bonding material used during your treatment is quite soft to the touch and so is easy to mould over your teeth. However, once it is all in place and we’re happy with the appearance – the material is pulsed with a special activating light which sets it hard and rigid – perfect for every day use.

What’s next? Any final touches are made and you are good to go. Your new smile is ready immediately for you to share with the world.

What Exactly are the Benefits of Composite Bonding?

Let’s say you’re considering a revamp of your smile. You want to feel that air of confidence as you share a smile in photos with loved ones. There are a few options you could consider. These may include; teeth straighteningporcelain veneers, a simple teeth whitening or perhaps composite bonding. All of these treatment options do have their merits and should be explored. That being said, we’ll let you know a few reasons that composite bonding works well to help you in making the decision:

1. A healthier more confident smile

It goes without saying, following the treatment your smile is going to look much more aesthetically appealing. You’ll feel confident to show your teeth in photos and share your smile with friends and family. This will push through to the wider benefits of increased confidence.

2. Super fast & safe treatment

We’ve already covered just how fast the treatment is. It’s much faster than teeth straightening options, for example. Whether it is an alternative will depend on how your teeth are currently positioned though. It is also particularly safe due to the fact that no preparation is usually needed and the treatment is non-invasive.

3. No needles

No injections for you to worry about in most cases.

4. Potentially less expensive

Composite bonding can be less expensive than alternatives. This does depend on how much work you need doing.

Now you know a little more about the versatile cosmetic treatment option that is composite bonding. You may also be happy to hear that we offer the treatment at our Cardiff Dental Clinic, Bamboo Dental. If you want to find out more about the treatment or to book in for a consultation then please feel free to get in touch.