In 2024 we’ll launch our new Forum.

It’s called The SmileInside Forum and it’ll live at the domain

What is The SmileInside Forum?

The SmileInside Forum is an online space created and fully funded by Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry. It will however be populated and brought to life – by you.

It’s a safe, online space to discuss not only World Class Cosmetic Dentistry, but also much broader wellness and fitness related subject matter.

We’ll keep our eye on things to make sure everyone is being kind to each other. And we’ll post useful news and information at The SmileInside Forum too. To get things going, and to keep things going.

Over the years we are hopeful that The SmileInside Forum will grow to be a really vibrant and useful online space where we can all learn – from each other – not only about how to create brilliant new smiles on the outside, but also how we can all smile a little more on the inside too.