Meet Us

Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry Daniel Rogers

Dr. Daniel Rogers

Principle Dentist / Owner
GDC Number 82337

HIW Reg Num 05072011001​

Qualification BDS Wales, 2003, United Kingdom. MFDS, RCS (Eng), 2007, UK.

Bio Hi I’m Dan, founder and co-owner of Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry. We started from pretty small beginnings helping a handful of people every month feel good about their smiles. This soon grew to be something that now today is hugely impactful in the communities around South Wales and other parts of the UK. Helping people feel good about themselves is why we exist at Bamboo, and we are privileged and honoured to have that opportunity. Thank you for trusting us.
Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry Natalie Rogers

Natalie Rogers

Co-owner / Nurse, Manager
GDC Number 123286

Qualification To follow.

Bio Hi I’m Nat, co-owner alongside Dr Dan, and manager of the team here at Bamboo. Having been in dentistry for over 25 years it has become quite simply a way of life. My mission has and always will be to make sure patients under our care receive the best possible service through their journey to a more confident smile. I am also passionate about our team here at Bamboo and each person who works with us is part of my family.
Dr Oliver Spencer Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Oliver Spencer

Associate Dentist
GDC Number 79368

Qualification BDS University of Liverpool, 2001, United Kingdom.

Bio I qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2001 and joined Bamboo in 2016. I’m very passionate about doing cosmetic treatments that provide the biggest improvements to your smiles, especially short-term orthodontics such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles as well as veneers. I love seeing the transformations we’ve done over the years.

Dr. Samuel Jones

Associate Dentist
GDC Number 265080

Qualification BDS Cardiff University, 2016, United Kingdom.

Bio I moved from West Wales to study dentistry at Cardiff University. I graduated in 2016, worked in general dentistry for three years and joined Bamboo in 2019 to work in cosmetic dentistry. I am what you call a perfectionist, as I love the details in creating your smile makeovers.

Dr. Liliana Ferreira

Associate Dentist
GDC Number 269095

Qualification Mestrado em Medicina Dentaria (Dental Medicine) Instituto Universitario De Ciencias De Saude, 2015, Portugal.

Bio I graduated from the top dental school in Portugal and began my career working on complex restorative and surgical cases. Shortly after, I worked at a high-end cosmetic practice in Portugal before joining Bamboo in 2022. I love helping patients with smile makeovers, orthodontics and multidisciplinary treatments through my calm and reassuring approach.

Dr. Thomas Evans

Associate Dentist
GDC Number 265502

Qualification BDS Cardiff University, 2016, United Kingdom.

Bio I qualified from the Cardiff University in 2016. I worked for an NHS practice before joining Bamboo in 2020. You will usually see me in my surgery when you come in, or I’m making a coffee. I enjoy bringing smiles to your faces and watching your confidence grow through the cosmetic treatments I do day in, day out.

Emily Parker

Dental Hygienist
GDC Number 272949

Qualification Diploma in Dental Hygiene Cardiff University, 2021, United Kingdom. Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City & Guilds, 2017, United Kingdom.

Bio I’ve been working in Dentistry for 8 years, starting as a Dental Nurse in 2016. Then in 2021 becoming a Dental Hygienist, graduating from Cardiff University. I’ve been with Bamboo for 2 years, and enjoy helping patients improve their oral health and maintain their healthy smiles.
Danielle Love, Compliance Manager

Danielle Love

Compliance Manager
GDC Number n/a

Qualification ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management, 2014, United Kingdom. NVQ Level 3 in Management, 2014, United Kingdom. C&G Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service, 2018, United Kingdom.

Bio I have had various roles in the dental field previously, from dental nurse to practice manager. After having my daughter, I came to Bamboo as a receptionist. I am now currently working behind the scenes supporting the management side of Bamboo. I ensure we stay compliant and look after the finance side of things.
Laura Perry Bamboo Lead Receptionist

Laura Perry

Head Receptionist
GDC Number 123273

Qualification Verified in Dental Nursing, 2007, United Kingdom. C&G Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service, 2018, United Kingdom.

Bio I have worked in a dental practice since 2003 and have been at Bamboo continually since 2016. You’ll often find me on the phone bubbling away. I find helping patients start their journey with Bamboo very rewarding. Especially when I see you walk out the door happy. I’m also the practice’s computer geek!

Laura Duffield

Head Receptionist
GDC Number 248018

Qualification Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City & Guilds, 2013, United Kingdom. C&G Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service, 2018, United Kingdom.

Bio I have been a dental nurse and receptionist for 15 years (10 at Bamboo). I am part of the furniture and usually the one greeting you when you first walk in. Being one of the first people you meet, I enjoy engaging with you. It’s heart-warming to be there when you start your treatment and see you grow throughout your visits.
Lieseil Davies Bamboo Receptionist

Lieseil Davies

GDC Number 237796

Qualification Level 3 NVQ in Dental Nursing & Level 3 VRQ Dental Nursing City& Guilds, 2011, United Kingdom.

Bio I joined Bamboo in 2016 and have over 19 years of experience as a dental nurse and receptionist. I am usually one of the receptionists greeting you on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I am also a qualified dental radiographer. I enjoy being part of your smile makeover journeys.
Bamboo Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans

GDC Number 121363

Qualification Qualification: Certificate in Proficiency in Dental Surgery Assisting NEBDSA, 1986, United Kingdom.

Bio As the oldest at Bamboo, I’m the ‘mum’ here. I’ve got vast experience as a Dental Nurse worked in a variety of practices and at the Dental hospital. I’ve been with my Bamboo family since May 2020. You will find me on reception or in the office answering your enquires. I love to talk so chatting to you is perfect for me.
Alisha Whatley Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry Receptionist

Alisha Whatley

GDC Number n/a

Qualification n/a

Bio I joined Bamboo in 2020 to pursue a new career and to help people in my own way to smile with confidence. I’m pretty loud, and on a good day you may be lucky enough to hear me chuckling from the office. If you are really lucky then when you phone us it may be me you speak to as I help out with the patient journey making sure your experience is as smooth as possible. I love what I do and I love being part of team Bamboo.
Leanne Lawrence Bamboo Receptionist

Leanne Lawrence

GDC Number 148821

Qualification Level 3 NVQ in Dental Nursing & Level 3 VRQ Dental Nursing City & Guilds, 2011, United Kingdom.

Bio I joined Bamboo in October 2020 and have over 17 years of dental experience. I usually am one of the voices on the phone when you call, throughout your journey. I love speaking to newly engaged patients who want the perfect smile for their big occasions and seeing the photos after.
Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan

Head Nurse
GDC Number 263391

Qualification Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3 QCF City & Guilds, 2014, United Kingdom.

Bio I've worked at Bamboo since 2012 and was Dan’s first nurse. I nurse for my best friend Dr. Cath two days a week. I love being a part of the journey, watching your reactions at the end of treatment is uplifting! I'm the Assistant Manager for the rest of the week, looking after the staff.
Sim Ali Bamboo Dental Nurse

Sim Ali

Dental Nurse
GDC Number To follow.

Qualification To follow.

Bio Hi I’m sim, the reason why I initially got into dentistry is because of my interest in becoming a hygienist one day. What also caught my eye was the opportunity’s to progress in this career. I love that bamboo works as a team and is more like a family that works to the best of their abilities to help patients get their dream smile. I’m an adventurous person so In my free time I like to travel and explore new places.
Bamboo Migle

Migle Karalkeviciute

Dental Nurse
GDC Number 301067

Qualification NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing, 2022, United Kingdom.

Bio I started my journey in dentistry as a trainee dental nurse in 2020 and qualified in 2022. That is when I joined Bamboo Dental. I work with Dr. Sam for half the week and hygienist Emily for the other half. I have always wanted to be part of dentistry and I love to see our patients smile after successful treatment.
Bamboo Sophie Jones Registered Dental Nurse Receptionist

Sophie Jones

Dental Nurse
GDC Number 304173

Qualification Diploma in Dental Nursing L3 QCF City and Guilds, 2022, United Kingdom.

Bio I began my dentistry journey as a receptionist and have been a dental nurse since 2019 (2021 at Bamboo). I love what I do and I love to see the smile transformations we assist with. You’ll often meet me when you visit either Dr. Liliana or Dr. Rhodri. I have a passion for the process of creating veneers and a keen eye for detail.
Shelly Langdon Bamboo Dental Nurse Receptionist

Shelly Langdon

Dental Nurse / Receptionist
GDC Number 123279

Qualification Verified Competency in Dental Nursing, 2007, United Kingdom

Bio I have over 18 years of experience in the dental industry. I joined Bamboo in 2021 and I am proud to be part of a well-established and thriving dental practice. My favourite part of being a dental assistant is to meet new people and provide a positive and happy experience in their dental needs.
Sehrish Ali Bamboo Trainee Dental Nurse

Sehrish Ali

Trainee Dental Nurse
GDC Number To follow.

Qualification To follow.

Bio I heard so many great opportunities in dentistry especially starting off as a dental nurse. I love the way bamboo care for their patients and the variety of treatments they can offer to patients, I love that bamboo always make sure the patient is left with a smile on their face. In my spare time I like to spend time with my loved ones.
Katy Evans Bamboo Trainee Dental Nurse

Katy Evans

Trainee Dental Nurse
GDC Number coming soon

Qualification To follow.

Bio I’m one of the newest members of Bamboo. I’m a trainee dental nurse and you will normally find me floating around looking after instruments or assisting a dentist. This is new for me and I love seeing how happy patients are with their new smile.
Maddison Eveleigh Bamboo Trainee Dental Nurse

Maddison Eveleigh

Trainee Dental Nurse
GDC Number To follow.

Qualification To follow.

Bio I’m Bamboo’s youngest trainee dental nurse. I decided to pursue dentistry after having orthodontic work myself and wanting to help others feel comfortable and embrace their smile as I know how hard it can be when you’re not confident. I love how everybody at our practice works collectively to deliver our best care to patients, no ask is ever too big, everybody on our team is always ready to help. In my time spare time I try to be outdoors as much as possible. I love to hike and camp with friends and take full advantage of the beautiful Welsh scenery.
Bamboo Angharad Sommerin

Angharad Sommerin

Trainee Dental Nurse
GDC Number To follow.

Qualification To follow.

Bio Well, my mum was Dental Practice manager, so growing up, I learnt so much about teeth, and I loved it from a young age! I love that bamboo allow patients to take pride in their smile again, I love seeing patients exude confidence after their treatment. I love to sing too!
Mr James Ban

Mr. James Ban

Specialist in Restorative Dentistry
GDC Number 194496

Qualification BDS Cardiff, 2015 (originally 2010), United Kingdom. MSc UClan, United Kingdom. MFDS RCSP Glas, United Kingdom. FDS (Rest. Dent) RCS (Eng), 2018, United Kingdom.

Bio I graduated from Cardiff University. I completed a five-year specialist training programme in Restorative Dentistry at the Bristol Dental Hospital. I have since had international experience, won a number of awards and contributed to articles in dental journals. At Bamboo, I specialise in treating patients with periodontal issues before they embark on their cosmetic treatments.
Dr David Fealey

Dr. David Fealey

Associate Dentist
GDC Number 271760

Qualification BDS Cardiff University, 2017, United Kingdom.

Bio I first completed a biomedical science degree at Cardiff University in 2011 before coming back to study dentistry and graduating in 2017. I also completed a certificate in restorative dentistry and that’s where I developed an interest in periodontology. I joined Bamboo in 2023 on Fridays to look after teeth whitening and general dentistry treatments.
Dr. Daniel Rogers

Principle Dentist / Owner

GDC Number 82337
HIW Registration Number 05072011001
Qualification BDS Wales, 2003, United Kingdom. MFDS, RCS (Eng), 2007, United Kingdom.
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