World Class
In Wales

Most Bamboo patients live within 50 miles of where our practice is based, under 3 miles from Cardiff City Centre. Some patients travel from much further afield of course (good news travels far!) But mostly, we are ‘In Wales – For Wales’.

World Class in Wales.

‘World Class in Wales’ is a neat term that we use to guide us. Here are four of the principles that help communicate what World Class in Wales means to us:

1. Best or Nothing. We’re not satisfied with ‘just’ being the best in Wales. We work hard to be the best there is.
2. Better Tomorrow. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today. We never stop learning.
3. Listen (properly). We don’t really know how well we are doing until our patients tell us. So we listen. Hard!
4. Nothing matters – except everything. OK so here at Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry we create the very best smiles around. But we want to get everything else just right too. You’re welcome. The way we answer your phone calls. Where you park. So yes, nothing matters – except everything!

Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry Cardiff, Wales
Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry Wales

Community Focussed.

‘We all feel a sense of responsibility to help contribute in our communities don’t we?

Also we all take a huge sense of pride at just being part of something with others. From our local community here in West Cardiff and our friends at Riverbank Special School to local businesses like Market Garden, Let Them See Cake and Bloc Coffee, we love the sense of belonging that comes with collaboration.

Further afield in the cosmetic dental community we take immense satisfaction in being able to help push the profession forward as we lead in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Teaming up with the US based Six Month Smiles teeth straightening system way back in 2011 has helped deliver this life changing treatment to thousands of people in Wales and the rest of the UK. Meaning that with local smiles from people like you we could take Wales to the world and at the same time become World Class in Wales.’