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Six Month Smiles in Cardiff

Unofficially, we’re one of the leading providers of Six Month Smiles in the world, having been treating patients with this system since November 2011, so it makes sense that it’s the most popular treatment at Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry in Cardiff.

Our patients love the speed that Six Month Smiles can deliver life-changing results. If it’s getting a dazzling new smile as quickly as possible that you’re looking for — we’re here to help. We’ve transformed thousands of patients’ lives with our expertise in providing personalised, caring Six Month Smiles treatment. We’re committed to making sure you leave us beaming from ear to ear.

What is Six Month Smiles?

As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles is a straightening system using a tooth coloured fixed brace that can give you straight teeth in around six months. Treatment times average six months but can range from 4-9 months.

For those with issues like misaligned, spaced, or crooked teeth, and without any desire to move the back molar teeth around, quite simply it is a great option.

For those looking for a fast turnaround, or more subtle tweaks to their smile, Six Month Smiles is the perfect solution. Hence it’s become the most popular treatment we offer here in Cardiff!

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Does 6 Month Smile really work?

Six Month Smiles is our most popular dental procedure, and we’ve got hundreds of before and after photos showing patients overjoyed with their new smiles. While some treatments may take longer, many of our patients have transformative smiles in just six months.

Is Six Month Smile the same as Invisalign?

While both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign are teeth straightening procedures, they differ in both treatment duration, the severity of issues that can be addressed, and the flexibility of the braces and aligners used. We’ll discuss the options available to you at your consultation.

Can Six Month Smiles fix an overbite?

Six Month Smiles can be used to correct a number of common dental issues, including overbite, underbite, teeth gaps, crooked teeth, and cross-bites. We’ll consult with you on the nature and severity of any issues you’re facing, and let you know the best course of treatment based on your individual teeth.

Pros and cons of Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is one of our most popular treatments and it’s easy to see why. Our patients love it for delivering life-transforming smiles in just a six month period. For those with a key date in the near future like a wedding or major life event, the quick turnaround can be incredible, and the predictable finish times is super helpful.

However, if time isn’t a concern, other treatments like Invisalign can be more suitable. Teeth straightening can be a little painful in the beginning and Six Month Smiles is no exception. However once you are past the first two weeks then the tooth tenderness settles considerably. Also, once you are used to the brace sitting on your teeth the fixed nature of it is a real bonus as it eliminates the temptation to take the brace out as can happen with Invisalign.

Finally, Six Month Smiles is generally a cosmetic dental procedure, focussing on the teeth you show when you smile. If more complicated orthodontic issues exist such as issues with how your back teeth meet then another procedure may prove more suitable. We’ll talk you through all of your options, and find the most suitable straightening procedure for you and your personal goals.

Who is suitable for Six Month Smiles in Cardiff?

It is important to note that Six Month Smiles is more suited to those looking for aesthetic adjustments to their smile. The treatment generally concentrates on the teeth you show when smiling, and for those who need adjustments to the position of their back teeth, and major adjustments to how their teeth come together Six Month Smiles might not be the most suitable option.

As with all dental treatment, Six Month Smiles requires a certain level of basic oral health, so as part of your consultation, we’ll assess the health of your teeth and gums, and can carry out any work needed before you start treatment.

The Six Month Smiles treatment process

It is certainly possible to have a new smile in just six months. If you’re unsure what to expect, this is what a typical treatment plan looks like:

Initial consultation
One of our Six Month Smiles-certified cosmetic dentists will spend some time getting to know you, before then examining your jaws, teeth and gums. On this appointment they will most likely take x-rays and a 3D scan of your teeth. Photographs of your teeth may also be taken at this stage to help discuss your case, and also ready for the all-important before and after comparisons at the end of treatment. You will be advised as to whether Six Month Smiles is suitable and then advised as to how long you can expect the treatment to last. We will always discuss other treatment options with you incase you prefer one or the other and we will give you costings to take away with payment options also if you wish.

Determine your treatment schedule
If you’re suitable and Six Month Smiles is right for you, we’ll create a treatment plan. This is a schedule of appointments you’ll have with us, and what each will entail: fitting, adjusting where necessary, and removal of your braces, with the whitening and any additional composite bonding at the end.

Fitting of braces
Six Month Smile braces are typically clear or tooth-coloured to look natural in your mouth. These will be attached to your teeth and apply gentle, sustained pressure to slowly ease your teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position. The forces are lighter than traditional braces because the movements of the teeth are simpler. The treatment times are less than traditional braces for this reason also.

Ongoing checkups
After this point, you’ll need to visit us around once a month to check the progress and make any adjustments necessary as your teeth slowly move into position. We are always available should you need to see us for advice outside your appointments.

Time to remove the braces
At six months (sometimes more or less), we’ll discuss with you the readiness of the teeth for brace removal. If you are happy with the tooth position then we’ll do just that. Removing your Six Month Smiles brace is a simple process which takes about 1 minute. The teeth are polished and a fixed retainer is placed before we scan your teeth for your removable retainers / whitening trays. You can then see your new smile in all its glory!

You will need to help the fixed retainers hold the teeth in their new position by using a removable retainer. It’s advised to use this day and night for 6 months and then nightly for life after this. Depending on individual circumstances you may be advised differently by your cosmetic dentist. Give us a ring to order new retainers when you feel your current ones are starting to look a bit old and worn, usually after a couple of years.

Ongoing care
As with other straightening procedures, you should maintain excellent oral health to maintain your new smile. Visit your dentist for regular checkups, brush twice a day, floss and use mouthwash. Visiting a hygienist at least annually is a great way of keeping your new smile healthy. If any issues or pain occur, always contact us.

In just six months, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Alternatives to Six Month Smiles

If you decide that Six Month Smiles isn’t right for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your teeth straightened in a way that works for your needs.

One of the most popular alternatives to Six Month Smiles is Invisalign.

Invisalign is popular as a more discreet alternative, with a clear, almost invisible aligner. Like Six Month Smiles, these are also custom made, however Invisalign can sometimes take longer to work. So if you need quick results, or have an important deadline coming up Six Month Smiles might work better for you.

One benefit of Invisalign is that aligners can be removed while eating or drinking, meaning it’s a more flexible treatment depending on your needs. Most of the time you will have the option of either Six Month Smiles OR Invisalign, but sometimes you may be more suited to one or the other.

Both methods of straightening have their pros and cons, which is why we work with you during your consultation to determine your needs and expectations so that we can choose the right treatment for you.

I Always Wanted To Have Perfect Teeth.

Caitlin’s Six Month Smiles Story

“I had my initial consultation with Dan and he put me at ease and told me all the options available. We decided together on Six Month Smiles.

I’m much more confident in myself since having this treatment done.

Caitlin, 18-34

Why choose Bamboo Dental for your Six Month Smiles in Cardiff?

We know you’ve got several options in Cardiff when it comes to dental procedures. With a focus on convenient and affordable care that’s tailored to you, we’d like to think that we’re a little bit different.

We’re founded on the premise that everyone should have the opportunity to show pride in their smile, so whether you choose Six Month Smiles or another of our cosmetic dental procedures, we truly aim to work around our patients, not the other way around.

That’s why we’re open six days a week, offer convenient payment plans, and try to remove any barrier to treatment for our patients. This has made us Cardiff’s most chosen most trusted, and most awarded provider of Six Month Smiles. Our treatments are driven by what our patients want and delivered by our cosmetic dentists according to top-notch leading edge principles of dental science.

We’re happy when our customers are happy. Read some of our satisfied customer comments below.

Thousands of Happy Cardiff Patients

We’ve created countless new smiles in Wales with our Six Month Smiles treatment and we’re ready to transform your smile too. Take a look through some of the kind words our patients have shared about us.

How much does Six Month Smiles treatment cost?

Six Months Smiles will cost you £1,950 (upper or lower arch) or £2,950 (both upper and lower arches) and that includes a fixed and removable retainer. You’ll also get a free take-home teeth whitening treatment and some smoothing of the edges of the teeth to tidy them up if required afterwards. This is the point in which any additionally charged composite bonding, discussed beforehand is placed by your cosmetic dentist. Cost for composite bonding AFTER Six Month Smiles is £500/hour.

All treatments over £350 at Bamboo Dental can be paid for with 0% interest and you can pay the monthly payment over 6, 10, 12 or 18 months – you choose. But please note that for 0% interest over 18 months we do require a 15% deposit. No deposit is required with the other options.

For a full list of pricing for all treatments, plus financing options and a repayment calculator, pop to our prices page.

Teeth Straightening Six Month Smiles
Average time to see results
Treatment info
Price indication
Additional info
Sometimes it can take 4-5 months and sometimes it can take 8 months depending on the individual.

Six Month Smiles Complex - 6 months +

A tooth-coloured fixed brace system where the teeth you show when you smile are straightened within 6 months.

£2,200 for one arch.

£2,950 for two arches.

£3,647 for Six Month Smiles Complex (6 months +)

Free take away professional whitening.

Free fixed & removable retainers.

Minimal edge smoothing (if the dentist feels it is clinically necessary.

Our Most Current Bamboo Six Month Smiles

These are the four most current Smiles that have benefitted from Bamboo Teeth Straightening, from our Smile Gallery.

Before Image After Image

I absolutely love my teeth now!

Name Jody
Age 18-34

I decided to have treatment as I wasn’t happy with how my teeth had moved since having braces as a young child. Definitely worth it! It has made such a difference to my smile and my confidence.

Teeth Whitening, Composite Bonding, Teeth Straightening
Before Image After Image

I love my smile and feel so confident!

Name Marysia
Age 18-34

I had the Six Month Smiles treatment as I had braces when I was younger but regretted not using my retainer. I can’t thank Sam enough for his patience in working to achieve the natural smile I wanted. Wish I’d done it sooner!

Teeth Whitening, Composite Bonding, Teeth Straightening
Before Image After Image

Wish I had done it sooner!

Name Samantha
Age 18-34

I wanted straighter, whiter teeth. I hated smiling with my teeth and was always self-conscious, especially the front 2 teeth as they crossed over. I really wish I had it done a lot sooner. I feel so much happier now.

Teeth Whitening, Teeth Straightening
Before Image After Image

10/10 – Would recommend! Thank you!

Name Natalie
Age 18-34

My teeth kept getting misaligned with age. I love the results. Especially because they are so natural.

Teeth Whitening, Teeth Straightening

‘The gap’ was a big problem for John.

Name John Age 18-35

This is where we write just a few words about how each person felt before the treatment maybe. And how they felt afterwards. A very human narrative. And the text sits in the Tile like this each time.

‘The gap’ was a big problem for John.

Name John Age 18-35

This is where we write just a few words about how each person felt before the treatment maybe. And how they felt afterwards. A very human narrative. And the text sits in the Tile like this each time.

‘The gap’ was a big problem for John.

Name John Age 18-35

This is where we write just a few words about how each person felt before the treatment maybe. And how they felt afterwards. A very human narrative. And the text sits in the Tile like this each time.

‘The gap’ was a big problem for John.

Name John Age 18-35

This is where we write just a few words about how each person felt before the treatment maybe. And how they felt afterwards. A very human narrative. And the text sits in the Tile like this each time.

Meet our Six Month Smiles experts here in Cardiff

Our dentists have collectively dozens of years of experience providing Six Month Smiles to hundreds of happy patients across Cardiff, Wales, and beyond. As a team of expert cosmetic dentists, we’re experienced enough to be able to make the process quick, comfortable and cost-effective. We love it when you leave our practice with a smile on your face.

Dr. Thomas Evans Associate Dentist

GDC Number 265502

Qualification BDS Cardiff University, 2016, United Kingdom.

Bio I qualified from the Cardiff University in 2016. I worked for an NHS practice before joining Bamboo in 2020.

You will usually see me in my surgery when you come in, or I’m making a coffee.

I enjoy bringing smiles to your faces and watching your confidence grow through the cosmetic treatments I do day in, day out.

Dr Thomas Evans

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