Trustpilot is a friend to many. It’s open to everyone, so Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry patients can share their experiences and help others to make better choices for themselves.

Nobody has more 5 Star Reviews than Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry.

At time of writing, Bamboo has around 1,000 reviews. These have been added to Trustpilot, the UK’s most used and most respected Brand Review Platform, over 5 years.

Trustpilot is important to us. Because it is impartial. We don’t influence what people say. Each story is personal.

And that, more than anything else, is why being Trustpilot’s Most Trusted in Wales is so important to us.

Nobody has more 5 Star Reviews, in all of Wales, than Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry.

We are also rated 5 star on Google with over 800 reviews.

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