Bamboo Way

The Bamboo Way

Quite simply, It’s about you and always has been…

Bamboo Cosmetic Dentistry was founded on the premise that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to show pride in their smile. So this meant opening six days a week, offering multiple payment plans and providing as much information on treatment options as possible. In other words we wanted to remove any and we mean ANY barrier to treatment for our patients.

Out with the traditional dentist patient dynamic and in with a relationship built on friendship and trust. After all and for some, this is literally life changing stuff.

But the real secret?

Simple but not simple… number one, the treatments are driven by what our patients want and number two, these treatments are then delivered by our cosmetic dentists according to top notch leading edge principles of dental science.

We balance this to help change lives, and this is why we are the most chosen, most trusted and most awarded.

Dr. Daniel Rogers