Relaxing Podcasts To Reduce Stress And Help Unwind

Relaxing Podcasts To Reduce Stress And Help Unwind

Relaxing podcasts to reduce stress

Some go for a walk or a run, others like to meditate. Some like to go out for a drink, others prefer having a chilled bath.

Taking time for ourselves is important.

It allows you to forget about the daily stresses and anxieties for a moment.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their accessibility.

You can listen on your way to work, on a walk, while doing the dishes etc…

If listening to podcasts is your thing, then Woman & Home magazine have put together a list of relaxing podcasts.

“The best relaxing podcasts will not only encourage you to indulge in some R&R, but will also provide you with tools and techniques you can use to reduce stress and boost feelings of calm anytime, anywhere.”

They have rounded up podcasts from experts such as holistic wellness coaches, yoga practitioners and psychologists.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Or if you have your own favourites you would like to share, leave them in the comments.

Read their article here.

Image credit: Woman & Home / Getty Images