Bamboo Dental Your Emergency Local Dentists Within Cardiff

Bamboo Dental Your Emergency Local Dentists Within Cardiff

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Emergency Dentist Cardiff

 For all your dental emergency needs in Cardiff call us today.

Bamboo Dental practice of Cardiff regularly schedules in throughout the week and weekends emergency dental appointments. We will aim to see each dental emergency case in Cardiff as soon as we possibly can. We understand that in some circumstances time is of the essence in order to save teeth that have become damaged due to a fall or other form of accident. This is why Bamboo Dental runs an emergency service that is open to non-registered and registered patients throughout Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

Your dental emergency experts in Cardiff

We aim to alleviate dental pain, discomfort and toothache within Cardiff for patients as soon as we possibly can. Call our friendly team situated on Cowbridge Road West within Cardiff today, to schedule your appointment for an emergency appointment with us.

What is classed as a dental emergency within Cardiff?

Toothache or Facial Swelling

There can be nothing more distracting than persistent toothache, a feeling that can even make some patients even feel nauseous. Distracting you from work, personal life and throwing the weekly agenda off course until rectified. Its important not to ignore such crucial signs that could be telling you theres possibly underlying problems, that need addressing in terms of your overall oral health. Some toothache that is persistent and causing serious discomfort can sometimes mean serious underlying causes that need addressing with immediate effect via your dentist in Cardiff. Our emergency dental practice within Cardiff will be able to quickly ascertain what is causing the pain and alleviate this discomfort by the appropriate means.

Emergency Dentists serving Cardiff

Do not ignore your dental pain within Cardiff. If you are in discomfort or pain contact your emergency dentists located on 28 Cowbridge Road West in Cardiff

Some patients within Cardiff believe that pain may subside in a few days, or choose to ignore tooth pain altogether. Whats important is that this dental pain is being felt for a reason and to prevent further long-term implications its important at the earliest opportunity to come and to see us at Bamboo Dental, for us to check the cause of this dental pain.

Lost fillings, veneers, crowns or teeth that have become knocked out due to an accident If your tooth becomes dislodged and totally removed is important and imperative that you handle your tooth in the correct manner. The roots and nerve endings to the tooth are extremely fragile, and should not be touched.

You should therefore handle only the tooth by delicately holding only the top part of the tooth, this is the part that is normally only visible within your oral cavity. Also it is important that if the tooth has become totally removed you should take great care in minimising any damage to the roots and also place the tooth carefully within milk. You should then immediately phone your emergency dentist within Cardiff to arrange an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

It is possible that when patients opt for cheaper dental veneers which do not have a long lifespan, as some patients might expect, might mean you lose your dental veneer sooner than expected. If your dental veneer in Cardiff falls off, then it is important that you can see us as soon as possible. We can offer you quality dental veneers and a range of cosmetic dental options to enhance your smile and dental appearance. To view our cosmetic dentistry page, providing more detail on veneers and teeth whitening why not click here.

Also its very important that if you’re tooth becomes chipped or broken through an accident or for other reasons that you collect the pieces and get them as soon as you can to your local dentist.

For all your dental emergencies in Cardiff contact us | Cardiffs expert emergency dentists

Teeth that have been knocked out through an accident or other means stand highest chances of being rescued when they are correctly placed back within their socket by a dentist within one hour of them being removed or knocked out

This therefore means that it is of huge importance to your teeth that have been knocked out or dislodged, that you contact your emergency dentist within Cardiff in the shortest amount of time. Our convenient location on 28 Cowbridge Road West in Cardiff means that patients can visit us from all locations throughout Cardiff easily, and quickly. For an emergency dentist in Cardiff you can see quickly and who can offer professional levels of service in Cardiff, contact us today.

What else can Bamboo Emergency Dental service offer as a private dental clinic in Cardiff?

Bamboo emergency dental service in Cardiff was created to help alleviate dental pain for our patients across Cardiff and surrounding areas while offering high professional standards. Whatever your emergency dental problem within Cardiff we can offer advice and procedures to help remedy the situation. Contact our expertly trained dental receptionists who can advise on the earliest opportunity you can come and see us at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff.

What forms of dental emergencies do your dentists in Cardiff treat?

Broken braces and wires have become moved into an uncomfortable position

Braces can become dislodged and moved for all sorts of reasons. Whats important is that if your braces have become moved in Cardiff and are causing you discomfort that you use our emergency dental service as soon as possible. Broken wires and moved braces can protrude into the gum lining and also into your cheek causing large amount of discomfort and pain. Its very important that you are not tempted to cut the wire on your braces as you could end up swallowing or inhaling the wire from your brace causing further implications. If you have an uncomfortable brace or wires which have become moved contact your local emergency dentists in Cardiff today.

Bleeding teeth or bleeding gums 

Teeth can sometimes bleed after extraction procedures which have recently taken place. Whats important is that if dental bleeding persists within the oral cavity to immediately see your emergency dental service within Cardiff, in order to obtain advice on the best course of action possible.

Facial Pain or Swelling

An abscessed tooth, swelling or uncomfortable teeth can be caused because of poor dental hygiene or result of an infection that may be present within the gums. To prevent the spreading of this infection it is of paramount importance that you see your local dentist as soon as possible. Our emergency dental appointments and out of hours service within Cardiff will be able to help alleviate the pain caused by abscesses or swelling of the gum layer.

Why choose Bamboo dental for your dental emergencies within Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental welcomes everyone within the Cardiff area to use our emergency service. This means that non-registered patients can use the emergency and out of hours service. This is because Bamboo Dental welcomes private dental treatments but also recognises that within Cardiff there are large numbers of people experiencing dental pain which may be just visitors to the capital city on a one off basis. Its important that if your teeth become removed and you are suffering serious dental pain that you obtain professional advice as soon as possible to prevent the onset of further discomfort and also reduce the risk of further damage. Bamboo Dental is focused on providing professional levels of service both to the dental clinics regular patients, but also to one-off emergency dental patients in Cardiff also.

Currently the pain is manageable, should I treat this as a dental emergency?

Many patients who use our emergency dental service in Cardiff, say that the pain got progressively worse because they put off waiting to see an emergency dentist in Cardiff. Its important that you do not put yourself in too much discomfort and that if you do feel persistent or intermittent pain that you see your dentist for their advice as soon as possible.

Where is your emergency dental service located?

Bamboos emergency dental service in Cardiff is located at the following address:


Bamboo Dental, 28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS

How do I go about booking a dental appointment with you that is classed as an emergency, or how do I to use your out of hours service?

You can contact us on the following page: Cardiff Dentists Contact Page Alternatively you may want further information about dental emergencies if so why not view this page: Dental Emergencies Cardiff.