Affordable Teeth Whitening In Cardiff

Suffering from yellowed teeth and looking for affordable teeth whitening in Cardiff?

There are many causes of teeth discolouration everywhere we look – from drinking too much coffee, wine or cola to smoking. A lot of things that we humans love to consume on a daily basis can result in extrinsic teeth staining. The psychological effects of not having a perfect smile can be one of the most unspoken things. It might not even effect you until that dreaded moment where someone pushes a camera in your face and shouts say cheese. Are you one of those persons who has a whole collection of closed mouth pictures on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve been known to photoshop your teeth whiter? We aren’t judging you. We know exactly how you feel!

Things to know about Affordable Teeth Whitening options!

Are you thinking about having your teeth whitened? Well, there is something you should know before you start comparing prices! Only qualified dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians working to the prescription of a dentist, are able to perform teeth whitening treatments. This is incredibly important. Only a trained professional will be able to say if your teeth are suitable for the whitening process and its important to speak to a dentist about that beforehand. Never go to a beauty therapist, hairdressers or any one other than a dentist to receive those treatments.

How do I achieve a bright smile with Bamboo Dental?

At Bamboo Dental we pride ourselves on our bespoke, affordable teeth whitening service. Our patients receive the very best in care and only the best products on the market. At our surgery we use ZOOM whitening to achieve incredible whitening results and many of our patients swear by it. Philips Zoom is the number one patient-requested professional whitening treatments available.

Affordable Teeth Whitening Options

Our In-Practice Procedure is our most effective and scientifically advanced teeth whitening procedure. Each session is taken in our surgery with our dentist and the whole procedure consists of four 15 minute sessions producing immediate results. This alleviates our patients from having to do their own whitening and ensures that you get that perfect smile you are dreaming of with less hassle. This whole process only costs 320 and you will get to keep your bespoke trays to continue whitening at home. Our top up gels cost 10 each.

Professional Home Whitening

Alternatively for a much more affordable teeth whitening procedure, why not do it yourself at home? At Bamboo Dental, we mould all of our dental trays in surgery meaning that you receive bespoke trays much quicker with us! These trays fit perfectly over your teeth and only cost 105 each (205 for both upper and lower trays) and includes 14 days worth of tooth whitening syringes. We’ll show you how to use the trays and tell you everything you need to know about how to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home!

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We cant wait to get you smiling again!