7 Amazing Anti-snoring Remedies


Snoring is not simply a noisy nuisance. Sufferers find themselves tired and on edge due to erratic sleep patterns arising for rumbling mattresses. This can affect their quality of life in a snowball effect. The great thing is that there are many anti-snoring remedies out there that can help fix this problem. So let’s get started!

7 Amazing Anti-snoring Remedies


1. Try sleeping on your side

Theory shows that the throat muscles become more relaxed when a person is lying on their back. The throat muscles are key when it comes to the way you let air in and out of your body. If the throat muscles become too relaxed then the air flow may be slightly narrowed. The effect of this is a deeper rumble caused by a restricted air flow. Now if you are too sleep on your side instead then you can change all of this! By sleeping sideways, you can count on reduce the effect of this. You throat muscles will not be so relaxed and so will give more structure to the airway.Therefore sleeping on your side where can help air flow more freely will quieten down your snoring sounds.

2. Use a humidifier

It has been identified that nasal and throat congestion can be a trigger for snoring. If you happen to have dry air in your sleeping area then this can worsen the problem. But, this need not be the case. The solution is very simple. With the use of a humidifier you can make sure that your respiratory system doesn’t dry out. A humidifier basically adds some moisture to the air making it less dry. You may have heard of dehumidifier. This works in the opposite way and can be useful in fixing issues when you have damp in your house. This isn’t going to be useful in solving your snoring issues though! The use of a humidifier will only be effective if you first know the cause of your snoring. If it is not due to throat congestion then you may need to jump on to one of our other amazing anti-snoring remedies.

3. Yoga

Yoga is as much about the way we breathe as the positions you move in to. Pranayama is the targeted practice of controlling the intricacy of the process of breathing. This is the source of our vital life force or our ‘Prana’. Check out some of these exercises to improve your respiratory control. This yoga exercise aids in the perfection of taking deep and slow breaths. This both relaxes the lungs and improves the capacity of air that you can take in. The result is a much stronger respiratory system that has been found to be a very valuable snoring deterrent.

4. Sleepwell anti-snoring aid

The Sleepwell anti-snoring aid works by preventing the closure of your airways during sleep. It achieves this by stopping the lower jaw from moving backwards. What is Sleepwell? It is a special, custom made mouth piece that is produced to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. Patient comfort is at the forefront of the device. A soft inner lining allows for side to side movement. The device is also adjustable to allow for the patient to maximise effectiveness. The device works so well that during clinical trials over 98% of patient’s found the device to be a viable snoring remedy.

5. How firm are your pillows?

The use of a firm pillow is very important and helpful in elevating the head. Keeping your head slightly raised actually prevents the tongue from slipping backwards and getting in the way of your airways. This certainly gives a help in hand when reducing the volume of your snoring although it won’t get rid of it altogether.

6. Could losing weight help?

This certainly won’t be the solution for everyone. People of all sizes can snore. However, in some cases the cause of snoring can be excess fat that has built up around the neck causing the airway passages to become constricted. Losing that bit of extra weight can help you lose that unwanted snoring habit too!

7. Open up your nasal passages

For some suffers of sleep apnoea, the snoring actually starts in the nose. In these situations, keeping the nasal passages open may be able to help. This allows the air to move through with less ferocity. If your nasal passage is blocked then air is forced through a smaller gap thus increasing the speed and chance of snoring. So what can be done to open up your nasal passages? Well, a simple hot shower before bed can be a great start. The hot steam will work wonders on opening up the airways. You can also use saltwater to rinse out your nose. This may take some getting used to but does work incredibly well. Other options include a neti pot or any type of nasal strips that work by lifting the nasal passages to open them up.