Wisdom Teeth Causing You Discomfort Or Pain?

Wisdom Teeth Causing You Discomfort Or Pain?

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Cardiff Dentists Bamboo Dental explain why wisdom teeth can cause discomfort and considerable pain, and why these teeth may even need to be removed in some cases.

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Background on Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often emerge roughly between the ages of 17 and 25, yet their appearance for some may be an unwelcome one. This is due to the formation of discomfort or pain that sometimes comes during their arrival.

Wisdom teeth are located right at the back of your gums, in the majority of cases most people have four wisdom teeth in total. When we begin to appreciate that the oral cavity is a very small space, we can begin to understand why some adults having 32 teeth including the four wisdom teeth, can potentially cause problems for some. Some individuals may incur discomfort when their wisdom teeth are growing, and when they are starting to push through within the fleshy gum layer itself.

Before the wisdom teeth push through, most adults have already formed 28 adult teeth. Therefore in some cases there is no longer adequate space within the mouth and right at the back of the gums, for the wisdom teeth to correctly form in some cases. Because your wisdom teeth are the last to form and due to possible inadequate space for them to emerge, this can sometimes mean that they grow at an undesired angle. The wisdom teeth may even start to push against some of the other teeth that have already fully formed and this is where individuals can experience the most discomfort and pain.

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 How will I know if my Wisdom teeth need removing?

The actual removal of wisdom teeth or third molars is a very common procedure indeed. Because the actual removal of wisdom teeth is a very routine procedure for most dentists, this should alleviate some of the trepidation and the anxiety that you may feel about getting your wisdom teeth removed. Because there can be complications when your wisdom teeth do start to emerge it can open up the possibility that the wisdom teeth do not break through the gum layer or possibly emerge even at an awkward angle.

Wisdom teeth that do get stuck or only partially breakthrough the gum layer are what are known as wisdom teeth that have become impacted. It’s important to note that if your teeth are deemed as being impacted and are not causing you currently any discomfort or pain or any problems, then in certain circumstances they don’t need to be removed for some individuals.

Although wisdom teeth that haven’t fully emerged through the gum layer and have become impacted and are causing you pain can lead to other dental problems later on down the line, and these may need to be removed. Problems often occur because of the location of where the actual wisdom teeth are developing and it can therefore be difficult to clean and maintain your oral hygiene around this area. This can lead to a build-up of plaque and also lead to tooth decay as well as other dental problems.

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Why its important to visit your dentist

Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your wisdom teeth. Expert dentists such as Dr.Dan will be able to inform you if it is wise to get your wisdom teeth removed or not. For example if it is clearly visible to one of our dentists at Bamboo Dental, that it is thought that the wisdom teeth will emerge in a position where there is not enough room within the oral cavity, and also where it is likely to cause some discomfort later on, then it may be advisable for the removal of these teeth.

Also in a number of cases the wisdom teeth may only erupt and emerge partially and be already showing an early stage of tooth decay within the cavity. This is because the emergence of these teeth may be difficult to clean and maintain and with tooth decay already having attacked the wisdom teeth, then in this situation it may be advised for the removal, to possibly avoid later complications and discomfort.

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