Who Do You Speak To At Bamboo?

bamboo dentist practice building

Our teams ensure your journey with Bamboo is smooth and fast. But who are the people you speak to?

They know their stuff.

They know the treatments inside and out. And what is best for you.

When you contact the practice, you will speak to one of the girls in the office first.

Call today and you could have a consultation as quickly as next week.

Once in the practice, you will meet the lovely receptionists.

Always there for you. Always ensuring your arrival is effortless. Checked in within a matter of minutes.

Now it’s time to meet the dentist and their nurse.

This is your time.

Explain exactly what you want. Ask all the questions you may have. Our dentists will give you the best advice.

By the time you get back to reception, you could even decide to go ahead with your treatment. There and then. Or you can take your time to think about it all.

This is the Bamboo experience. Friendly, fast, and informative.