What Our Expert Cardiff Dentist Can Offer You!

What Our Expert Cardiff Dentist Can Offer You!

Cardiff Dentist Dr Dan

Looking for an expert dentist within Cardiff, to take care of your private, cosmetic and general dentistry needs in South Wales?

Then you need a respected dentist in Cardiff, one you can trust with the health of your teeth, you need Dr Dan. Our Cardiff dentist, can offer services in respect of cosmetic treatments, emergency dental services and general dentistry services in Cardiff.

Address: Bamboo Dental, 28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS. Telephone: 029 2056 9769

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If you are searching for a professional private dentist within Cardiff, then why not consider Bamboo Dental. Our team can show you around our dental clinic, and you can meet our head dentist Dr Dan to discuss how we can get you the dental appearance you want. In order to discuss your dental health with Dr Dan, why not give us a ring today.

029 2056 9769

Why not discuss what you want to achieve to our local dentist | Cosmetic | Emergency | General Dentistry Cardiff

Perhaps you want a teeth whitening procedure or maybe just to get rid of tooth ache, then why not call Bamboo today. After all we offer a full in-house solution to your dental requirements in South Wales. We can take care of your general dental requirements, and we can also offer you special treatments to get a brighter and whiter smile you have always dreamt of.

What Bamboo Dental and our Cardiff Dentist DR Dan can offer you:

Teeth whitening procedures Teeth straightening  Veneers 

Why our Cardiff Dentist can offer it all!

Cosmetic and general dentistry, is what we do here at Bamboo!

So Bamboo offers a full spectrum of dental treatments, can you tell me a bit more about Bamboo Dental?

Dentists in Cardiff

Our dental service offering: So from teeth whitening to scale and polish procedures, we can offer the full range of dental treatments from our easily accessed location in Cardiff, South Wales.

We are easily assessable and located easily from the city centre of Cardiff

We are in a location in Cardiff that allows you to pay us a visit quickly and conveniently to see our dentist. Perhaps you have toothache, from wisdom teeth pain or you have suffered teeth sensitivity why not use our emergency dentist and dental clinic service? We have free parking and we are based on one of Cardiffs busiest roads so we can be easily accessed at any time.

Dentists within Cardiff

Do you also carry out cosmetic procedures? As I am looking for a Cardiff dentist to take care of my general dentistry and offer me some additional procedures to change the appearance of my teeth.

Our cosmetic dental procedures carried out by our head dentist Dr Dan, can offer you solutions for you to achieve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth that you want.

So if you wish to change the cosmetic appearance of your smile this summer, why not contact us today?

Can you tell me a bit more, specially about your dentist and his experience in Cardiff?

Many who have used Bamboo Dental for their cosmetic dental requirements have used the practice because of our expert dentist Dr Dan, which is renowned within his profession for offering excellent client care. For example Dr Dan has featured in many prominent publications, because he is seen as authority in the dentistry profession. Dr Dan is so experienced he can take on all manner of dentistry procedures, for example people travel far and wide to receive teeth straightening procedures from Dr Dan.

Expert dentist in Cardiff | Private dentist

Okay, I would like to visit your dental practice where in Cardiff are you located?

Visit our private dental practice located on West Cowbridge Road Cardiff. We can take time to go over all the options available to you when you wish to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, or just use our clinic for general dentistry procedures.

As a well known dentist in Cardiff, are your prices high? Will I be able to afford your dental practice rates?

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us today as our cosmetic procedures and other services are offered at its sensible prices for professional dental procedures in Cardiff.

Get that smile this summer that you always wanted, with us for less than you might think!

I need to quickly change the appearance of my teeth, can this be achieved. What services does your dentist offer?

Summer is the time to enjoy great times with family and friends, if you are hiding away your smile, then it might not be the enjoyable time that you would have liked to have had this summer. Dr Dan is on hand talk about a range of cosmetic procedures to help restore your confidence and the appearance of your teeth.

So whether you need a dentist that can take care of teeth whitening, or you need a more drastic dental change, why not think about getting dental veneers?

You can gain a brighter healthier looking teeth through teeth whitening for example which will make you want to show your teeth off to the world! Let them holiday snaps be the best they have ever been this year, by getting a smile makeover through Bamboo Dental today. Perhaps you have always been self-conscious and shielded away from photographs or hidden your smile because of crooked or wonky teeth?

Why not talk to our expert resident dentist who can talk over range of options available for straightening your teeth, and realigning your teeth for a smile you are confident about!

Can you talk me through what your dentist in Cardiff can offer as cosmetic dental treatments?

Teeth Whitening procedures in Cardiff

Often many patients may just want to have teeth whitening procedures, that will cover-up a discoloured tooth, or maybe just to obtain a more subtle appearance of healthier teeth. It is true that when you are obtaining teeth whitening procedures your teeth do not need to be as bright as some Hollywood smiles for example! Instead our dentist Dr Dan, will be able to talk to you about a range of shading options that will suit your existing teeth, or the cosmetic appearance that you are after.

So it is true that you can truly create your smile! Design that your smile you want to have with us at Bamboo Dental Cardiff

This can be achieved via Bamboo Dental in Cardiff, teeth whitening experts within Cardiff.

Teeth Straightening Dentists Cardiff 

There are so many areas of the appearance of your teeth that can be substantially altered if you so wish, for example Bamboo Dental offers teeth straightening and teeth whitening that can transform the look of your teeth. Many believe that their teeth are so crooked that it would be impossible to create a smile they have always desired. This is not the case when you have an expert dentist in Cardiff carrying out a dental procedure.

The fact is an expert dentist on hand such as Dr Dan then there becomes a whole range of options to transform the appearance of your smile.

For example Bamboo Dental are experts in teeth straightening procedures, thats resetting and realigning your teeth so they are in a more uniform and in a healthy alignment. Your teeth become healthier because the alignment is more uniform so the teeth are easier to clean. This means that the gap spacing and overlapping spacing between your teeth is less likely to capture food debris for example. This therefore means that your teeth are therefore less likely to have hard to reach areas where plaque and tartar to build up. As with all dental procedures good oral care needs to be maintained in order to preserve the health of your teeth also.

Cosmetic Dental Practice Cardiff 

Bamboo Dental has a fully equipped dental practice that offers private dental procedures across Cardiff and South Wales. Many come from far and wide to use Bamboo’s Dental services, this is because we offer safe cosmetic procedures carried out by dental professionals.

How we can change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth at sensible prices!

If you have always dreamt of having a smile but you always thought the cosmetic dentistry would come with an unaffordable price tag, then think again! Bamboo Dental offers sensible prices on cosmetic dentistry, that is whether you choose us for teeth straightening, veneers or teeth whitening procedures.

Cardiff Dentists who offer the full range of cosmetic dental procedures

We offer the full range of cosmetic dental services, from our private dental practice in Cardiff.

Cardiff dentist Dr Dan

If you require a private dentist in Cardiff, that takes the time to listen and carry out procedures with meticulous detail and customer care, then Bamboo Dental are the natural choice for you in Cardiff.