Top 5 Hacks For Fresher Breath

fresh breath hacks

In this article, you’ll find out some top tips to keep your breath smelling super fresh. We’re going to assume that you already have basic daily hygiene nailed down. That is; brushing, flossing, visiting your dentist for regular check ups and the like. We’ll delve into some lesser known hacks you can take advantage of to eliminate that confidence debilitating bad breath that you just can’t get rid of.

Top 5 Hacks for Fresher Breath

1. Don’t Ignore Your Tongue

So you brushed and flossed your teeth. What about that huge taste bud bearing muscle sat in the centre of your mouth? Lots of people don’t even think or see the importance of cleaning their tongue but once you imagine all of the food and bacteria your tongue comes in to contact with every day you can understand how important it’s cleanliness is to keeping your breath fresh. It’s also rather easy to keep your tongue clean. You can purchase a tongue scraper that works by scraping residue off the surface of the tongue. Also, many toothbrushes now come with a built in tongue cleaner on the reverse of the toothbrush head. Keeping on top of this is enough to keep that tongue in tip top shape. So get scraping and see your fresh breath take on a whole new level of minty fresh.

2. Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth is a smelly mouth. That’s a good mantra to remember. Dry mouth is one of the biggest causes of bad breath and it’s crazy how easy it is to fix. Simply add more water to your diet. Not only will that improve the scent of your mouth but it will keep your body functioning much better throughout the day too. Water helps to keep your mouth moist which in turn keeps away bacteria. It is also recommended to replace fizzy drinks with water as the acid in those drinks will increase levels of bacteria in the mouth which then leads to the development of bad breath.

3. Fibrous Foods are Nature’s Toothbrush

When you tuck in to fibrous foods such as apples you’ll notice that with each bite the texture slides over your tooth surfaces. In this process it dislodges food particles that may otherwise have sat there in between your teeth building up plaque bacteria. This is why we recommend eating these foods sometimes during the day so that you can keep your teeth clean on the go. Here’s a list of some tasty fibrous foods you can add into your diet.

  • Apples
  • Sugar-free Chewing gum (I know, I know, not a food but nonetheless it works great)
  • Carrots

4. Eat Acid Neutralising Foods Like Yoghurt

Bad breath is caused by the acidic environment in your mouth. You can neutralise the pH level in and around your mouth by snacking on healthy yoghurt and similar acid neutralising foods through the day.

5. Don’t Be Plagued By Coffee Breath

We’ve been on one end or the other of coffee breath at some point in our past. If you are too attached to the deliciousness of a fresh brew in the morning then it’s advised to replace it with a less pongy alternative. Some examples may be green tea or peppermint tea. These will not only help you overcome your bad breath but are also healthy additions to your diet.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips to a fresher breath.