Teeth Whitening Can Make You More Attractive

Teeth Whitening Can Make You More Attractive

teeth whitening more attractive

What do you notice first about this image?

For the majority of people the first thing they focus on is the piece of spinach in the gentleman’s teeth. What they fail to notice is that he only has one ear! This quick test shows you exactly how much attention we put onto other people’s teeth and should re-enforce the attention you should be giving to your own teeth to make them look great!

Your Teeth Are the First Thing People Notice

A study conducted last year found results that your smile is the most important physical aspect in building a first impression of somebody. In another more recent survey, the same notion was backed up again stating that a perfect smile is more important than a good suit. There have been surveys to show that the teeth are not only the most important feature but also one of the most memorable, followed by what you said and your smell. A notable conclusion was also that the majority of people with straight white teeth were selected as more attractive. This was the case across all genders and age groups. The general consensus is that our teeth are now more important than ever to our presentation and it is something that we should all take note of. But what can we do to improve our smile in the short-term without having to go through more permanent cosmetic treatments such as teeth straightening and dental veneers.

Teeth Whitening Can Freshen Up Your Smile

If you know that your teeth aren’t in tip top shape but feel that veneers or straightening isn’t quite for you then perhaps think about getting your teeth whitened. Overtime your teeth will have become stained and discoloured. This is noticeable when you smile. A teeth whitening takes little time to do and will give you a healthier appearance in no time. Not only that but you will be incentivised to look after your teeth going forwards in an effort to protect the sparkly whites you are showing off!

What are myTeeth Whitening Options?

Bamboo offer two options that are both affordable and effective. Which one you choose is down to your preference.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our take home treatment is the most popular due to convenience and affordability. You will need to come into the practice to ensure that your teeth are dentally fit for a teeth whitening. This is to be confident that the whitening solution is safe for you. Our award winning dentist will also check to see if you have any ceramic or porcelain fixings such as crowns or veneers. These will not respond to the bleaching solution and so it is not recommended you have a whitening if you fall into this category.

Once you have been given the go ahead our dentist will take some impressions of your teeth and create a set of whitening trays for you. You are then given the whitening gel to insert into your tray which then goes into your mouth. The teeth whiten as the tray sits on them. You can do this in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This service will consist of more than one appointment in the dental chair. The world known Philips Zoom treatment is administered to your teeth in sessions until we reach the desired shade of white. Of course, you will need to be dentally fit to undertake this treatment as in the case of the take home teeth whitening service.

I’m In…

If you are interested in this treatment then please do get in touch. If you wish to proceed we can set you up with a complimentary consultation!