Live In Cardiff? Want To Cure Your Tooth Grinding And Clenching?

Live In Cardiff? Want To Cure Your Tooth Grinding And Clenching?

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Tooth grinding and clenching is a problem for many people. Bruxism (as it is otherwise known) has a number of effects for the sufferer and unfortunately none of them are desirable. For some people there will be a visible wearing down of the teeth, whilst for others there will even be broken teeth. Other side effects include headaches and migraines, jaw and neck pain, and a range of other symptoms which all contribute to a level of discomfort which can reduce the suffer’s sense of well-being dramatically. It is thought that up to 80% of the population will suffer from this problem at some point in their lives.

What can I do if I suffer from tooth grinding and clenching?

The good news is that there are many treatments available to help with this problem. You can wear a mouth guard (or occlusal splint) or you can try approaches such as physiotherapy or other holistic exercises to help to reduce the amount of tension in your jaw.

What is a mouth guard and how does it work?

A mouth guard is a specially designed piece of dental equipment which can be used to keep your teeth apart whilst you sleep. It may also reduce the noise levels of your grinding during sleep, resulting in better sleep for your partner or family. It will help to reduce the wear and tear on your teeth and if it is effective, will reduce your symptoms from teeth clenching and grinding all around.

Can I buy one from the chemist or should I see a dentist?

Mouth guards are available to purchase from a chemist but it is unlikely that these devices will fit you as well as a mouth guard that is specially moulded and fitted by your dentist.

SCi Sleep Clench Inhibitor

At Bamboo Dental we favour the SCi Sleep Clench Inhibitor. It is the most clinically effective FDA approved treatment for TMD, bruxism and medically diagnosed migraines and for this reason we choose to use it in our Practice. Do you suffer from tooth clenching and grinding? If you would like to speak to a dentist about it please do get in touch with the Practice where our staff will be only too happy to make you an appointment. Don’t forget we are also on Facebook or Twitter. Why not drop us a line to say hello – we are always happy to hear from you!