Is Bad Breath Hindering Your Chances Of A Second Date?

Is Bad Breath Hindering Your Chances Of A Second Date?

bad breath hindering second dates

New research has uncovered bad breath as being the number one reason leading to first daters rejecting a second date. 

The recent study placed bad breath at the head of the list with 35% of people citing it as the biggest faux pas. This was not so closely followed by ‘bad conversation’ which came out as 11% of respondents top turn off. For those of you that put fashion first. This was actually only hinted at as the top factor for 2% of people. Perhaps a visit to the dental hygienist is in order before you upgrade your shoes.

Bad Breath, A Fresh Approach.

According to Dr Nigel Carter, The research has gathered some insights very in line with the close relationship between oral health and attraction. We all know that a healthy smile can be a very powerful instrument for attracting a partner and avoiding bad breath is a key part of achieving this.’ Other studies have often attributed a person smile to being the first thing a person notices. It is true also that those with bad breath feel less confident about sharing a beaming smile with their date. For this reason we get a double effect.

There are lots of causes of bad breath or halitosis. Here are some of them:

Eating certain types of foods

We all know that onion, garlic and curry all expel quite the odour. This may taste nice for your slap up meal but the stench can linger long into the night. If you are looking to keep your breath fresh it is important to eat blander foods that don’t have too strong a smell.


At times certain medication can be the cause of bad breath. Sadly this may not be avoidable depending on your condition. In this case you are best to brush your teeth twice a day and eat sugar free gum to keep that minty fresh taste. You should also visit your hygienist to keep that side of your breath in perfect condition. At least then you’ll put yourself in the best position possible.

Smelly bacteria on the teeth and gums

Many people simply do not follow guidelines to keeping their mouth in good health. This can lead to bacteria building up on the teeth can gums which release smelly gases into the mouth. In this case you should make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and get a fresh breath treatment.