Invisalign Cardiff For Students: Pay Monthly

Invisalign Cardiff For Students: Pay Monthly

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Invisalign Cardiff for Students: Pay Monthly for Straighter Teeth

Students! We’re edging our way towards the half point of the student year. Christmas is approaching and so are deadlines! How are we all getting on? Every student knows that Christmas comes twice this time of year however. As if it isn’t enough going home and getting spoiled by our parents, we also have that shiny new loan coming in in the new year.

Why not treat yourself in the New Year to a new smile? We know what you’re thinking I cant spend my entire loan on new teeth! Well you don’t have to with Invisalign Cardiff for Students. Invisalign Cardiff straightening system is available on a pay monthly finance plan. Pay a little each month for straighter teeth thats a new smile on a student budget. One of the best parts of New Year for any student is Refreshers Week.

So why not start your straightening journey in time for then? Someone who did just that was 21-year-old Frank who’s studying Event Management. “I heard about Invisalign from a friend of mine who’s also studying Event Management. She’s a mature student who had Invisalign Cardiff a few years back. She has lovely teeth and people always compliment on her smile. I asked her how her teeth are so nice and she told me how Invisalign Cardiff was her route to the perfect smile. Like me, she had relatively small sized gaps but gaps never the less. She told me to get in touch with Bamboo Dental for a free consultation. She told me that she knew I’d be a perfect candidate thought.”

Free Consultation for Invisalign Cardiff

At my free consultation, I was told that over three million people have used Invisalign since it launched. Dr. Dan told me that being a student, it was the perfect time for me to get my teeth aligned. He told me that the pay monthly payments were easily affordable for a student with a loan. I get the maintenance loan but I also have two jobs so I wasn’t worried about the payments. It was a relief to know that I could pay monthly though. I also knew Dr. Dan was right, and being a student with a bit of expendable income, now was probably a better time than later. My teeth weren’t awful but they weren’t perfect. I wanted straight white teeth. The gaps made me self-conscious. Everyone would say ‘Those gaps are cute!’ or ‘The gaps make you you’ but they weren’t the ones who had to live with the smile. Dr. Dan confirmed I was a good patient for Invisalign Cardiff and the work began from there really.

Fast and Discreet Straightening System

I wanted a fast and discreet straightening system. No one wants braces at uni especially train track ones. Invisalign appealed to me as they look a bit like gum shields. They’re like gum shields you can take in and out. That means if you’re having a party or going to a special event no one needs to know you’re straightening your teeth. That said, no one really noticed when I had them in. They’re clear and nearly invisible so you wouldn’t know they were in unless you were told. Dr. Dan recommended only taking them out for eating and brushing teeth. This was appealing to me though as I dreaded the thought of adapting to eating with braces. I didn’t want metal things stuck to my teeth! They are a little strange at first I have to admit. It’s weird at first but you soon get used to it. You meet regularly with Dr. Dan or whoever will do your treatment and you can follow your progress with this special technology. Theres an app you can install for your phone where you can upload photos to see the changes over time. Special technology shows you how your teeth will look at each stage of the journey so it’s really quite exciting.

Invisalign Cardiff or Six Month Smiles?

I had Invisalign for just over a year. Between Invisalign and the Six Month Smiles treatment I chose Invisalign because although it takes longer, it’s not constantly attached to your teeth. That said though, my ex-girlfriend had Six Month Smiles and her teeth looked great after it. It was just a personal preference. Two years since treatment first began, I love my smile. The gaps are gone and I thank Bamboo and my student loan for making it possible. I’ve now paid off the entire treatment and its not seemed that expensive its no more expensive than my phone bill each month. I’m considering getting whitening next with my next student loan. I’m in my final year with my final two payments approaching might as well make the most of it! If you think the Invisalign Cardiff straightening system could be for you, then contact us on 02920 569769 today!